Family law – including separation and divorce

My marriage has broken down. What do I do now?

At one of the most stressful and emotionally charged times of your life, it’s easy to find that your ‘upside down’ world is suddenly full of questions.

What happens to the children? When do we have to work out a property settlement? How soon after separation can I divorce? Will I have to go to court? Do I need a lawyer?

At this potentially bewildering time, you may wish to prioritise receiving help and guidance from a trustworthy law firm that prides itself on expertise, empathy and understanding – such as Sharon Moore Solicitors.

With sensitivity and empathy,
we can guide you through your marriage separation and divorce.

What aspects of my separation and divorce can you help with?

Potentially all of them – other than counselling – and even then, we may have some contacts in the Lake Macquarie area you could try. The legal areas you may need to consider, and that Sharon Moore Solicitors has a wealth of experience in advising on, include the following:

  • Mediation (which can be a cost-effective approach to separation)
  • Separation and divorce (procedures and requirements)
  • Property division and settlement
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Relocation
  • Name changes

We have extensive experience of managing the separations of those in same sex marriages and de facto relationships. Most importantly, we also specialise in Children’s Law, including parenting plans and custody.