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When you most need support – we’re here to help

There are times in all our lives when it’s wise to take legal advice. Buying or selling a home, planning inheritances and responding to the breakdown of a marriage can all be extremely stressful and emotional – so it’s important to have the right people looking after your interests. People you can trust.

Sharon Moore Solicitors is a boutique law firm comprising highly respected lawyers, each of whom has a passion for delivering outstanding service in a friendly manner.

The Sharon Moore difference

We set ourselves aside in simple, yet important ways:

  • We always put the needs of our customers first
  • We favour plain English over intimidating legal jargon
  • We understand that legal advice should be affordable
  • We believe in being both highly professional and highly approachable

With calmness, authority and above all, empathy, Sharon Moore will help you achieve the best possible outcome.

Our core legal services and specialisations

Sharon has over 34 years of legal experience – and is proud to acquire most of her clients through personal recommendation. Sharon Moore Solicitor can provide you with expert legal advice and guidance in the areas of:

She also provides small and medium-sized businesses with a range of legal services for business.