Children’s Law

What's going to happen to the kids?

Sharon Moore is a Law Society of NSW Accredited Specialist in Children’s Law.

Sharon Moore Solicitors can assist you with matters concerning Family and Community Services (FACS) if your children have been removed from your care, or the care of the other parent.  We can assist with mediation if you want to change your contact with the children or if you want to negotiate having the children restored to your care.

With sensitivity and understanding, we can guide you through Children's Court matters.

What aspects of Children's Law can you help with?

We offer support with s90 Applications to seek a change in Children’s Court Orders where there has been a significant change in any relevant circumstances.

We provide assistance in Family Law matters including issues around Parental Responsibility, live with (Custody), spending time with, children’s names and relocation.

We also offer assistance in adoption matters.